"What if we haven't seen our best days, yet?"  


I started out my career as a school teacher years ago but after raising four children, I was starting to feel lost.  I desperately needed to connect with my community but had always done that through my children.  Someone said to me recently, "what if we haven't seen our best days, yet?"  That stirred something in me and was a game-changer. I began to explore all types of things...but mainly things that would connect me to people.  A friend took me to watch a demonstration of encaustic work and we both left and bought all of the materials to begin our own creations.  I watched every video out there, read every book I could get my hands on, read numerous blogs and articles concerning encaustic work, went to workshops and searched for any encaustic work I could see.  I was drawn to the materials-beeswax and resin, the organic nature of creating with encaustic, and the excitement that came with developing a piece.  They were never the same and each piece seemed to be an expression of my connections with the people around me, experiences from my life, and ultimately an act of worship.  How was I going to connect the desire to paint with the desire to connect with my community? This became my pursuit with purpose. With a new passion and desire to create, I consider my work to be the hobby He gifted me with at 50 years old!  Here is hoping it brings you joy, as well.   Betsy  ̌


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